Bring Your Own IP

Your own IP addresses for your PCextreme Cloud Server

What is BYOIP

It is possible to route your own IPv4 / 6 addresses on the PCextreme cloud. This is possible through the BYOIP (Bring Your Own IP) service. If you have IP addresses, you can let the PCextreme network use those addresses and we will forward the traffic to the correct cloud server. In this way, the cloud servers that you launch with us use your IP space and not that of PCextreme.

You remain the owner of the address space, however the PCextreme network (AS48635) will take care of the BGP announcement to the internet. This way you run the Virtual Machines on the Cloud platform of PCextreme with your own IPv4 / IPv6 addresses.

BYOIP is free of charge when using the PCextreme cloud

BYOIP Requirements

To be able to apply BYOIP, there are a number of requirements that must be met.

  • The minimum IPv4 address size is /24
  • The minimum IPv6 address size is /48
  • You are responsible for creating the required (route (6)) objects in the correct databases
  • You must own the address space, which can be obtained from:
    • ARIN: 'Direct Allocation' en 'Direct Assignment' netwerk types
    • RIPE: 'ALLOCATED PA', 'LEGACY', 'ASSIGNED PI' en 'ALLOCATED-BY-RIR' allocatie status

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