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Starter Server The most affordable Cloud Server to get started

Best price Speed Data redundance

Standard Cloud The fastest Cloud Servers in the market

Best price Speed Data redundance

High Available Cloud The most secure VPS for your most important applications

Best price Speed Data redundance


Build web applications or host your website with our powerful cloud infrastructure. Regardless if you need speed, relaiability or you have a tight budget, we have an optimized solution for your needs.

Realtime deployment

Gone are the days of waiting to have your server deployed. After choosing your desired configuration, your server will be up and running within a minute.


All our Data centers are located within Europe, which means all your data will be safe and benefits from the European privacy legislation.

All specs in a row

Starter Servers Standard Cloud High Available Cloud
Hardware Previous generation hardware Latest generation hardware Latest generation hardware
CPU Intel Xeon CPU AMD Epyc CPU AMD Epyc CPU
Redundancy Local hypervisor only Local hypervisor only Automated restart on different hypervisor in case of failure
Storage Local SSD storage Local NVMe storage 3x replicated NVMe
Use-case Non critical applications Applications which can tolerate failures of a Virtual Machine Applications which require redundancy on Virtual Machine level
Applications Monitoring, Spamfilter, Test/Dev server Clustered databases (eg MariaDB), clustered webservers, data processors Plesk, DirectAdmin and/or cPanel servers, non clustered databases
Uptime guarantee Best effort 99,9% 99,95%

Expand your Cloud Server with a range of services

What's in the box?

Precise traffic control

Using our affinity groups you can prevent having your cloud servers on the same physical server. On top of that, you can control which ingoing and outgoing ports should be open.

Deploy with user-data

Fully automate your provisioning by instructing your virtual machine to execute code on its first boot with cloud-init.

IPv6 support

Aside from an IPv4 address, your virtual server also receives an IPv6 address automatically.

Flexible resources

Scale your website/application horizontally or vertically, by allocating additional RAM or by distributing the load over multiple servers.

Our own Control Panel

Manage your Cloud Servers from our powerful Control Panel and take advantage of all the advanced features.

More offerings than we can show

Interested in acquiring Cloud in bulk? Contact us for a tailored offering.

Interested in getting cloud in bulk?

Contact us for a tailored offer!

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