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Extra storage for your VPS from our reliable Ceph environment.

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Each type of storage has its benefits and drawbacks. The table below helps you select the right type of storage for you.

Local Storage SSD Tier 1 SSD Tier 2 HDD
Technology SSD/NVMe NVMe NVMe HDD
Redundancy RAID 3x Replication 2x Replication Erasure Coding
Apllication Performance Durability Archiving

Choose between SSD or HDD-backed storage to choose exactly what serves your needs.

Our Data disks are based on Ceph, perfect to attach to your server on the PCextreme cloud. Depending on your requirements choose between SSD or HDD-backed storage. In both cases you get reliable storage, because your data is replicated and stored on multiple servers inside the same data center. This means in case of losing a server or server failure, there will be neither data loss nor downtime!

You can easily attach Data disks to any of our Servers. Both Standard and High Available can have Data disks attached, which you can simply order after deploying your server.


SSD storage (NVMe)

If you want to store production data and have fast access to it, you should go for SSD storage. Keep in mind that because SSD storage offers higher speed, this kind of storage is more expensive.

SSD 100GB Starting at


SSD opslag (NVMe) prijzen

Type Price*
100 GB € 20.00 mth
250 GB € 50.00 mth
500 GB € 100.00 mth
1000 GB € 200.00 mth
2000 GB € 400.00 mth
4000 GB € 800.00 mth
8000 GB € 1600.00 mth

HDD-backed storage

HDD-backed storage is incredibly cheap because it's a bit slower than SSD. But it's a reliable storage for your VPS when working with large files, making it perfect for backups, large media storage, file servers or other archive purposes. Starting with steps of 2,5 TB you can add up to 50TB to your VPS.

Per 2,5TB Max. 50TB per disk and 8 disks per VM


HDD-backed opslag prijzen

Type Price*
2,5 TB € 10.00 mth
5 TB € 20.00 mth
7,5 TB € 30.00 mth
10 TB € 40.00 mth
12,5 TB € 50.00 mth
15 TB € 60.00 mth
17,5 TB € 70.00 mth
20 TB € 80.00 mth
22,5 TB € 90.00 mth
25 TB € 100.00 mth
27,5 TB € 110.00 mth
30 TB € 120.00 mth
32,5 TB € 130.00 mth
35 TB € 140.00 mth
37,5 TB € 150.00 mth
40 TB € 160.00 mth
42,5 TB € 170.00 mth
45 TB € 180.00 mth
47,5 TB € 190.00 mth
50 TB € 200.00 mth

* Prices are excluding VAT.