Standard Servers

The fastest Cloud Servers in the market

Our not-so-standard VPS its build with speed in mind. Featuring 100% local NVMe storage and high performance AMD Epyc CPUs. Looking for speed? This blazzing fast cloud hosting is for you.

If our Standard Servers aren't what you're looking for, check out our other options. I want the best price I need more redundancy

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Fast, Faster, Fastest


Not all clouds are created equally. By using the latest generation of hardware, like NVMe storage and AMD Epyc CPUs, we ensure the maximum speed for cloud hosting.

VPS hosting

Run a webserver to host your site. Or a database server for your webserver, Whether you prefer MySQL, PostgreSQL or other, most database servers run perfectly!

Endless combinations

One server is not enough? Combine multiple Standard Servers and run clustered databases like MariaDB or clustered web servers.

Expand your server with extra storage!

100 GB for € 20,-/month

Add NVMe (SSD storage)

2,5 TB for € 10,-/month

Add HDD storage

Expand your Cloud Server with a range of services

Standard Servers Specifications

Deploying time 25 seconds
Configuration Software CentOS 7.8 . CentOS 8.2 . Debian 10.0 . Ubuntu 16.04 . Ubuntu 18.04 . Ubuntu 20.04
CPU Latest generation hardware (AMD Epyc processors)
Storage Local NVMe
Software manager Cloudstack and Ceph running on Ubuntu LTS Linux
Control Panel Developed in house
IP Addresses Add up to 3 additional IPs (€2.50 per IPv4)
BYOIP Read more
Security Two-factor authentication
Network BGP . VXLAN . EVPN
Read more
Routers & Switches Juniper in combination with whitebox switches running Cumulus Linux

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