Still making heavy up-front investments to colocate your own servers? It might be time to explore the alternative.

Look, we get it. You want to stay in control. You want to own your hardware and not lease someone else's. While that certainly was one of the best options available in the previous decade, it may no longer be the best one for you in this day and age. You see, advancements in cloud computing have accelerated tremendously over the last three years, causing new opportunities to arise and a shift to occur in data center usage.

The trend we see in our data centers is clear: cloud computing is steadily taking over the need for colocated servers. We also see this happening within our own company as well, as in the beginning of 2019 all of our services will be running from our own cloud platforms. Because of all this, we no longer offer colocation for single servers and we advise you to begin looking for an alternative, such as our virtual servers.

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The benefits of Cloud Computing

Realtime deployment

Gone are the days of physically installing a server. With a virtual server you're up and running within minutes from the comfort of your home.

Easy to scale

A platform built on virtual servers can easily be scaled both horizontally and vertically with a push of a button.

Enterprise hardware

Our Enterprise grade SSDs feature power loss data protection and consistent levels of high performance.

Built-in High Availability

Should the host machine go down then our High Available servers will automatically restart elsewhere in the cloud within minutes.

Multiple data centers

Being able to ship your code to where your visitors physically are is a powerful thing. With locations in Europe, the United States and Asia we've got you covered.

Helpful support

Having a hard time or just want to ask a question about our services? Our helpdesk is there to help you with any problems or difficulties you may encounter.

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