Managed Cluster

In close collaboration with one another we can build the perfect hosting platform for your website or application.

Why a Managed Cluster?

Utilizing a Managed Cluster we can build your very own hosting platform with the highest availability on offer. Your website will be segmented across 3, 5, 7 or 9 different servers, which are geographically spread across multiple datacenters as well.

A Managed Cluster is the perfect solution for high priority websites which are capable of being divided amongst several servers. On top of building your platform, we will also handle the technical management of these servers, allowing you to keep your focus on business activities.

Minimum availability of 99.95%

Recommended for critical applications

Choose from three locations in Amsterdam

No downtime whatsoever in the event of hardware failure

Building together with EventArise

For the construction of a new event platform EventArise opted for a managed cluster, in order to facilitate growth with a scalable hosting solution.
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Why PCextreme?

More than 15 years of experience

We have been able to gather a great deal of knowledge since 2004, and to this day we remain 'on top of things'. Our expertise is your advantage.

Swift delivery

Using state of the art techniques allows us to deliver your managed server or cluster within a very short time.


We do everything we can to prevent any issues. Should any problems arise nonetheless, we act quickly and professionally to resolve any problems in no time.

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