To ensure that both our services and our customers are online 24/7, we continue to invest heavily in the network, among other things. Below you will find more information about how our network works.

Our network features at a glance

  • - All routing is done with Juniper MX routers
  • - Our network is 100% IPv6 ready
  • - Our own 'Dark Fiber' network (AS48635)

Our transits and peering

  • - NL-IX
  • - Speed-IX
  • - DF-IX
  • - GTT
  • - NTT
  • - Telia
  • - Cogent
  • - CenturyLink
  • - LibertyGlobal

Netwerk schematic

All our data center loacations are connected with our own Dark Fiber network (AS48635). Traffic between the data centers goes over this own network and not over the internet.

You want to know more about our data centers?

Check out this page!