High Available Private Cloud

Highly redundant cloud solution with triple data replication and high availability.

A high available private cloud is perfect for those who need an extra redundancy layer. Our high available clouds feature a distributed storage platform based on Ceph, which replicates your data three times across the platform.

Since your data isn't hosted on the hypervisor itself, your cloud will be able to automatically spawn all virtual servers on a different hypervisor. This feature is great for those rare moments when one of your hypervisors becomes unavailable, as your servers will be up and running again within minutes.

High Availability

Triple data replication by Ceph

Dedicated network infrastructure

Experts standing by 24/7

Our setup explained

Every high available private cloud that we build consists of at least four hypervisors, which can be filled up to a certain treshold, making sure enough space is available for when the high availability feature kicks in.

Every hypervisor is connected to the storage platform using a 10 Gb connection. The storage platform itself consists of multiple machines with SSDs. All data stored on the platform is replicated at least three times, ensuring data availability and consistency.

Should a hypervisor become unavailable within your cloud, then all affected virtual machines will automatically start on the remaining hypervisors. While there still is downtime in this scenario, the duration of it is greatly diminished and your data is never at risk.

High Availability

Each hypervisor in a high available cloud can be filled up to a certain treshold, allowing room for our high availability functionality. Should a hypervisor in your cloud go offline, then all servers deployed on that hypervisor will automatically restart on the remaining hypervisors.

Triple data replication

Each high available cloud comes with a distributed SSD storage platform managed by Ceph. Every block of data is replicated three times within the storage platform, using different drives for each block of data.

Dedicated network infrastructure

Each private cloud that we build comes with dedicated network infrastructure, ensuring the highest level of isolation.