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Fast, safe and without technical knowledge your own website online!

Do you want to create your own website fast, easy and without any technical mumbo-jumbo? Order your optimalized Managed WordPress Hosting immediately!
After ordering your package, one of our WordPress Experts will start deploying your website immediately, and will deliver a turn-key WordPress installation including Redis Cache for you. Next, start with one of the thousands of themes, plugins and other tools available in WordPress, and in no time your website will be online!

WordPress Pro For larger websites or webshops

  • 50GB storage**
  • Automatic Backups
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Redis Cache
  • Automatic updates
  • Support by Live Chat
  • Support by E-mail
  • Maximum 60 minutes responsetime
  • Free E-mail Medium (15 addresses)
  • Free WordPress migration service
  • 60 minutes WordPress Support
  • Support by Telefoon
Most Picked

WordPress Basic Voor medium-sized websites or small webshops

  • 25GB storage**
  • Automatic Backups
  • Gratis SSL Certificaat
  • Free Redis Cache
  • Automatische updates
  • Support by Live Chat
  • Support by E-mail
  • Maximum 6 hours responsetime
  • Free E-mail Basic (5 addresses)
  • Free WordPress migration service
  • 30 minutes wordwrapress Support

WordPress Lite Voor a small website or blog

  • 2GB storage**
  • Automatic Backups
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Redis Cache
  • Automatic updates
  • Support by Chat
  • Support by E-mail
  • Maximum 24 hours responsetime

* The mentioned promotional rate is valid for the first 12 months (excl. VAT). After this the regular rate applies.

** Storage is shared by website & backups

What's in the box?

SSL certificate

Nowadays your website can no longer do without an SSL certificate, which is therefore included by default in all WordPress packages. All your website traffic willl be encrypted by default. This makes not only your visitors, but also Google very happy

Automatic updates

Your WordPress website is automatically provided with the latest (security) updates, without you having to do anything. This way your website is always up-to-date, without you having to worry about it!

Daily backups

Thanks to our daily backups you can work on your website without any worries. If something goes wrong, you can easily restore a previous version. By default we keep 7 daily backups and 4 weekly. This way you can always go back almost a month if necessary. If you want to keep your backups longer (or shorter), this is of course also possible!

Turn-key delivery

Nothing is more annoying than being sent from pillar to post. That is why we like it when both your hosting package and your domain registration are with us. Only in this way can we deliver your package completely ready for you. We can also always help you if you have a problem or question.

WordPress Support

Do you get stuck while creating your website or do you have another problem and are you unable to resolve it? No problem, our Wordpress experts are there for you! Contact us and they will help you find the solution.


You already have a WordPress website somewhere, but would you like to migrate it? Use our migration service! Read here exactly how the relocation service works. Migrating your website has never been easier!

Stored in the EU

AVG, GDPR, Privacy Shield. Nowadays you are bombarded with privacy rules that you must adhere to. We make that a lot easier. All your data is guaranteed to be stored within Europe, in one of our Dutch Data Centers.

DDOS security

With our automatic DDOS protection, you can be sure that your website is protected against DDOS attacks. Should a DDOS attack occur, it will be automatically filtered by our advanced security.

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